LTC science students compete in ICAS

21 LTC science students sat for the ICAS last term. The ICAS (International Competitions and Assessment for Schools) competition in science provides an opportunity for students to compete within their cohort and also with other Australian schools. Further to this, the competition enriches students’ portfolios with UNSW certificates.

Students receive an individual diagnostic report containing detailed data highlighting their strengths and areas for improvement.

The questions in the assessment test student’s observation, measurement, reasoning, problem solving, prediction and  interpretation skills. All areas of science are covered (e.g. physics, chemistry, biology, environment etc).

LTC Year 12 student’s achieved above the national average with three of our students achieving at Distinction level.

Congratulations to Rowan D (who achieved in the top 3% for Year 12 participants in Australia), Brodie Y (top 7% of Year 11 participants) and Hayley M (top 11% of Year 11 participants).

Final stats:
3 students achieved Distinctions.
6 achieved Credit (top 13%)
4 achieved Merit (top 40%)
8 awarded Participation certificates.

Chandra Kanta

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LTC Market Day in pictures

Images: Phil Styles

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LTC students featured on 2XX radio

Four of our Sustainability in the Community students joined Martin Lind from the Waterwatch program on 2XX radio recently.

Community radio station 2XX provided an excellent opportunity for our students to have a voice and let the community know of our efforts in saving our environment.

Rachel O’Brien, Laura Morgan, Jesse Challen and Lily Taylor were excellent ambassadors for LTC talking about some of their recent community projects such as Waterwatch, Platypus Watch, Youth Forum on Sustainability and Technology as well as recycling in the college.

Nikey Mylordi

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The future of work – are our students ready?

The future of work is changing. It’s a reality governments, industry and communities
are all grappling with. The Reserve Bank of Australia has raised concerns regarding fewer
working taxpayers to older people as the baby boomers retire and young people do not
replace them.
We will need an innovative and entrepreneurial generation of young people to maintain our standard of living.
Click or tap on the image to read more.


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Wisdom from an Old Father: “Mind Time”

Remind yourself that a five year old is sixty months on this planet. Less than 2,000 days old. They’re still brand new people! No one has the right to whisper anything about college or careers to a child determined to conquer the monkey bars. All adults should respect the Law of the Chair … if a child’s legs do not reach the floor … well … they are reality-exempt.

An article worth reading: Wisdom from an Old Father: “Mind Time”

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LTC students help out for Platypus Month


It’s Platypus Month and the LTC Sustainability Team has been busy monitoring sites around Canberra. Students teamed up with an ANU scientist and Waterwatch coordinator to help locate and record the presence of platypus in certain water ways around Canberra.

Yes we located some near Tharwa. Well done Sustainability students and thanks for helping out your community in becoming more sustainable.

Nikey Mylordi

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Most likely to succeed – Science Week movie screening

When: Friday, 19 August 2016 from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Where: INSPIRE Centre for ICT Education
Pantowora Street #Building 25,
University of Canberra, Bruce, ACT 2617

Click here to secure your free ticket.


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